IR lasers (EEL)

ams OSRAM offers a wide range of near infrared (NIR) edge-emitting laser diodes for short pulse and high power CW operation for dedicated applications.

Near infrared (NIR) edge-emitting laser diodes

The ams OSRAM infrared laser portfolio offers a broad range of ideal light sources for industrial, consumer, and automotive markets. High-power Continuous Wave CW laser diodes are a perfect tool in industrial applications for welding or cutting of metal sheets. They are used either as a pump source for solid-state or fiber lasers or in direct diode laser systems.

Laser diodes designed for pulse operation are used in LIDAR or Time-of-Flight ToF applications used in autonomous driving vehlices but also in mobile phones and are able to provide distance informations or even an 3D image for applications such as face recognition.

IR lasers (EEL) suitable for high power continuous wave CW operation