Position & angle sensing

Contactless position sensors from ams OSRAM offer best-in-class stray field immunity and superior durability, and they comply with the requirements of the most stringent safety standards.

Automotive-qualified position & angle sensors  

Interior applications in position and angle sensing

Position and angle sensing is omnipresent in modern vehicles: Pedal position, chassis ride height for active suspension systems, throttle valve position, gear box position, tumble flap, steering angle, headlight control, potentiometer, gear shifter, rotary knobs, HUD Mirror positioning and many more.

Drivetrain applications in position and angle sensing

Traditional combustion engines as well as modern EV drivetrains also require position and angle sensing in a multitude of applications: traction motor of EV, transmission gearbox encoder, rack motor (EPS – Electric Power Steering), electric servo pump, electric braking, starter/alternator and also replacement of optical encoders and electrical resolvers

ams OSRAM offering

Smart and robust position sensors ideal for harsh environments: automotive vehicles are becoming ever more automatized and electrified. ams OSRAM sensors are ideal for automotive applications due to their high reliability and fully automotive qualifications. ams OSRAM automotive functional safety processes increase system reliability and are easy to integrate into vehicle subsystems. Redundant sensor approaches achieving ASIL D (according ISO26262) in customer applications can easy be realized within the product family. Integrated stray field robustness (overachieves ISO 11452-8) by its design enables economical sensor integration in customer projects at any volume and application. Accurate and extremely reliable position sensing at a higher rotational speed: ams OSRAM position sensors play a vital role in electronically commutated motors, precise angle sensing (0.3° electrical INL) at various speeds up to 480k rpms and with near zero latency (DAECTM) enable wide range of applications, such as traction motor of EV. ams OSRAM position sensors are the perfect replacement for optical and electrical resolvers in any application.