A comprehensive range of world-class entertainment lighting solutions from ams OSRAM that transforms creativity into stunning performances and artistic displays.


Lights, camera, action!

Passion creates the show, but where do you go for the best range of entertainment lighting?
For decades, professional lighting designers have relied on our technical expertise to transform creativity into stunning performances while simultaneously making an important contribution to their digitalization, efficiency and sustainability challenges.

When it comes to entertainment lighting, ams OSRAM stands for innovative products of the highest quality, providing lighting solutions for any event or occasion. Our entertainment and architecture lighting solutions turn concerts, TV shows, theater performances and architecture of all types into unforgettable visual experiences. This is great not just for audiences but also for artists and lighting designers, who can take superlative light shows to the global stage with ams OSRAM’s help.

All of this is made possible by advanced lighting solutions allowing all colors to be mixed on a high efficiency and power level, using controllable LEDs paired with smart sensor technology. Based on over a century of innovation, our intelligent lighting solutions pave the way for new experiences, increase productivity, create beauty and evoke emotion. ams OSRAM provides a unique portfolio of innovative LEDs, spectral and ambient light sensors. Our miniaturized and efficient solutions offer our customers infinite design possibilities, greater cost-effectiveness, outstanding performance and maximum accuracy.

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