Battery management system

Highest accuracy sensors improve battery state analysis.

High accuracy current measurement for best state of charge / energy estimation

Current, voltage and temperature (IVT) sensing with high accuracy measures helps to determine very precisely the traction battery’s state of charge and state of health in order to make an accurate estimate of the vehicle’s range. This optimizes the usable capacity of the battery and thus the range of the vehicle. 

ams OSRAM offering 
AS8510, a virtually zero-offset free, low noise data acquisition IC is tailored to accurately measure battery current in conjunction with a shunt resistor in series with the battery rail. This IVT sensor provides all the required measurements in voltage, current and temperature. Its high linearity improves the sensor performance and eases calibration effort. 

ams OSRAM also offers the AS8525 as a companion IC to AS8510 for high side measurements.