Laser diodes from ams OSRAM are gamechangers that spark innovation.​


Spectrum of infinite possibilities.​ ams OSRAM is offering a unique portfolio of semiconductor lasers. Whether visible or infrared, edge-emitting or VCSEL, our market leading products enable innovative solutions for consumer, automotive, industrial and medical applications.


Our laser portfolio

Color lasers (EEL)

ams OSRAM is a leading player in the field of colored edge-emitting laser diodes. Our comprehensive product portfolio is supporting a wide range of applications in industrial, consumer, medical to automotive markets.

Color lasers (VCSEL)

ams OSRAM offers wide variation for VCSEL products for different applications needing wavelengths ranging from visible red 680nm to the infrared 940nm.

IR lasers (EEL)

A unique IR Laser portfolio. ams OSRAM is offering both key technologies edge-emitting laser (EEL) and VCSEL in different integration levels - from bare chips, to packaged lasers to integrated modules.

IR lasers (VCSEL)

ams OSRAM's Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers are engineered to serve even the most demanding sensing applications in the segments mobile/wearable, automotive and industry.