The future is here. Augmented reality smart glasses enable a whole new 
world of enterprise and consumer experiences, in which virtual images are added into the wearers view of the real world. Our highly integrated RGB LEDs, lasers and drivers enable the most advanced AR displays to be created in the tiniest and lightest form factors.

Highly integrated light sources and drivers

Superimposing realistic high-quality images upon a user’s view of the real world, in a tiny lightweight form factor, is key to the success of Augmented Reality experiences. Achieving this requires outstanding display technology, cutting edge projection systems, and ultra-precise and mass-manufacturable optics. Multiple technologies are in development to achieve this across the industry.

ams OSRAM offers a leading portfolio of highly integrated LED and laser light sources, serving all types of AR near-to-eye projection systems.  Our integrated RGB LED and RGB laser packages represent the state of the art in miniaturized high performance light sources for AR micro-display and laser beam scanning.  Matched to our light sources, we also offer custom driver ICs.

For example, our Vegalas™ integrated RGB laser module enables a high performance laser beam scanning light engine that fits into just 0.7cm3.

Our ambient light and color sensors can be further used to enhance the near to eye display experience, enabling accurate matching of the brightness and white balance of the displayed image to the surrounding scene.