Material processing

High-power laser bars and diodes for industrial applications.


ams OSRAM laser bars and diodes 

ams OSRAM laser bars and diodes are the centerpiece of most of today’s industrial laser systems. Whether direct material processing or optical pumping of fiber lasers, disc lasers or classical solid-state lasers, the laser bar or diode is the key component for the initial conversion of electrical energy into laser light.

Components by ams OSRAM play a critical role in terms of performance, reliability, and the total system costs of modern laser systems. We enable and advance the success of these systems with our innovative products and new developments. ams OSRAM supports its customers with a wide portfolio of laser bars and single emitters that allow wall-plug efficiencies of 65% and above. Available are dedicated designs of IR laser bars for high power continuous wave (CW) operation of up to 250W and quasi CW operation of up to 500W. The optical power of a single emitter depends on the emitter width, but can be as high as 30W. Important NIR wavelength are 808 nm, 915 nm, 940 nm, 976 nm and 1020 nm.

Our new blue laser bars and diodes enable further applications or can significantly improve process efficiency and stability. Materials like copper or gold are highly reflective when treated with infrared light. Therefore, the absorption of IR light is low, and for applications like welding a high amount of optical power is needed. Furthermore, process control is difficult as the absorption rapidly changes when the material starts to melt. Blue lasers can offer a huge advantage in this situation for these materials, as the absorption of light is much higher for this part of the spectrum.

Innovative solution enrichment with ams OSRAM sensors for spectral sensing or machine vision allow for condition monitoring, adaptive processing algorithms and on-the-fly quality inspection.

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