Projection and display

Outstanding viewing quality and entertainment experience: a portfolio of perfectly matching LED solutions for a variety of electronic message signs and infotainment applications, plus LED and laser components for projection enabling outstanding viewing quality and entertainment experience.

Projecting the right image - anywhere

Imagine a portfolio of LED and laser components that makes the most challenging projection installations possible.

Projection applications are many and varied, from the highest performance solutions for business applications, compact solutions for home theater and gaming applications, to miniature solutions for mobile devices. Regardless of the size or complexity of the desired projection solution, ams OSRAM delivers the brightest and most advanced LEDs and lasers for this applications space, offering the right solution for every lumen class and DMD imager size. ams OSRAM emitters offer its core strength in surface emitting 'super high projection power' technology, achieving the best possible performance when highest brightness matters. Also, optimization towards highest efficiency at attractive brightness, for example for small-size battery powered portable projection devices, can be achieved with the ams OSRAM portfolio. 

Apart from the core components of LED and laser emitters for projection, ams OSRAM complements these by offering various sensor options making projection smarter. For example, accurate distance measurement between the projector and the projection wall or screen may be important, especially when both are not perpendicular to each other, or having adaptive projection power due to changing ambient lighting matters may be required. This short selection of use case examples out of a longer list of possible solution scenarios describes differentiating functionality which can be addressed by ams OSRAM’s sensing portfolio.  

The broad optical offering of ams OSRAM enables customers to even mix-and-match emitters, sensors etc. in a variety of combinations, enabling them to realize totally new and innovative projection solutions.  


LED portfolio for information solutions

Regardless of the location, on the road or on rails, at bus stops or on platforms, in airport terminals or train stations, inside or outside, at small or large scale, video walls or billboards: ams OSRAM has the perfect solution for a great variety of electronic message signs and signal applications.

We have the right-fit optical solution for the most diversified infotainment display applications. Our differentiated right fit LED portfolio can be found in performance main screens and big perimeter displays (as known from arenas and stadiums) as well as in larger LED TVs in VIP areas, sports bars, shopping malls or airports. High brightness, the best lumen-per-watt ratio, small form-factor mounting options, and multi-chip package integration are essential features to cover the most important application requirements. To meet investment targets, the robustness against exposure to the extremes of weather, stability in brightness and long lifetime are of fundamental importance. 

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