With the hardware and software offered by ams OSRAM, 3D vision and applications like face unlock can be easily designed into your product.

Secure and easy biometric authentication

Be your key

From now on, the key to your identity could quite literally be in the palm of your hand. With personal authentication now essential for accessing many services, like using your mobile electronics, many systems could in the future rely on biometric features to identify authorized users. ams Osram is helping to ensure these systems reach the highest level of reliability and security, to ensure the most important things in your life are as safe as possible.

Biometric identification uses unique human characteristics, including facial features, the pattern of the iris, or the network of veins in the palm. The technology offers the safest, most convenient alternative to managing complex passwords.

ams Osram supplies special infrared LEDs and VCSELs alongside image sensors for biometric recognition systems. These systems are used to illuminate the target area, enabling the sensor to detect high-quality images, and ensure reliable identification and authentication.

ams OSRAM works closely with the Fast Identity Online Alliance (FIDO) and other partners. This ensures that interoperability testing, authenticator levels testing, and biometric component certification are taken care of. Our goal: to make it easier and quicker for our customers to deliver higher security standards by reducing their effort in integrating authentication capabilities into their products and solutions.

Two-Step Enrollment & Verification

3D face recognition uses depth map information of the user’s face. A facial depth map is a set of thousands of coordinates mapped in three-dimensional space describing the contours of the surface of the user’s head relative to a single point of view in front of the user. This depth map may be compared with a reference depth map of the user’s face to authenticate the user.