Product stewardship

ams OSRAM is committed to ensuring that its products are in compliance with international regulations and customer requirements in terms of managing hazardous substances.

Environmental product stewardship

Our product environmental program controls new product developments as well as existing products steady adhere to these requirements through strong management and validation of ams suppliers and subcontractors.
We follow a ’no step backwards’ policy when developing new products. Hence, we make it our responsibility to consistently improve the efficacy and life of our products and to further reduce their hazardous contents. This way, we assure a process of continuous improvement.

Semiconductor products

The Semiconductors segment comprises the historical business of ams and the historical business of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors (OS). It focuses on semiconductor-based products and solutions such as high-performance LEDs, lasers, and optical sensors for the automotive, consumer, industrial, and medical technology markets.

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Lamps & systems

The Lamps & Systems segment comprises the historical business of OSRAM Automotive (AM) and OSRAM Digital (DI). It includes lamps and lighting systems, with a focus on the automotive and industrial end markets. 

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Life cycle assessments (LCAs)

In order to assess the environmental performance of our products, life cycle analyses of selected (historical) ams OSRAM product families were conducted, representing different technologies. The method for these analyses was an assessment following principally the international standards ISO 14040 and 14044.