Eye, face and hand tracking

Enabling the next generation of interactive experiences, through our comprehensive range of IR emitters and sensors.

Eye tracking

Eye tracking is becoming a critical feature of the latest Virtual and Augmented reality headsets. New interactive experiences are enabled by using eye gaze as a user interface and including it in photorealistic avatars. It can also be used to reduce system power through foveated rendering, and eye movements are also a potential new vital sign.

High accuracy, fast update rates, minimum power consumption, and a tiny form factor are critical to fitting eye tracking into VR and AR glasses. ams-OSRAM offers a leading range of components to make this possible, including:

We are constantly innovating in this field, looking at new and advanced eye tracking architectures that draw on our comprehensive portfolio of emitters and sensors.

Face tracking

Social and professional interactions between photorealistic avatars are expected to become a key use case across virtual and augmented reality systems. Reproducing realistic facial expressions will be crucial to enabling natural human interactions.
We offer a range of tiny, efficient emitters and sensors to enable precise sensing of facial movements, including:


Hand tracking

Whether for a user interface, or an essential feature of a photorealistic avatar: hand tracking is another must have feature for intuitive and interactive experiences – whether on a computing or smart home device, or Virtual and Augmented reality headsets.

Our compact and low power emitters and sensors are ideally suited for multiple hand tracking implementations. These include: