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Efficient Optoelectronics for a Sustainable and Resilient European Semiconductor Ecosystem - OptoSuRe

With its project "Efficient Optoelectronics for a Sustainable and Resilient European Semiconductor Ecosystem - OptoSuRe" funded within the IPCEI on Microelectronics and Communication Technologies (IPCEI ME/CT), ams OSRAM aims to advance R&D for future highly efficient and integrated optoelectronic semiconductor devices and to create the necessary framework conditions for this. With both innovative products and production processes, the project will significantly contribute to the resilience of the European semiconductor ecosystem and to a significant reduction of the ecological footprint in this sector, thus helping to secure a sustainable and prosperous European society.


About OptoSuRe

How do you drive digital and green transformation simultaneously? ams OSRAM invests worldwide to enable this twin transition by ‘pursuing’ three main directions: the development of innovative technologies and products, the implementation of highly automated and AI-supported green semiconductor production, and the enablement of intelligent applications based on our energy-efficient products. 

OptoSuRe stands for a 5-year program that aims at the development and first industrial deployment of efficient optoelectronics, which are a key enabling technology to ensure a sustainable and resilient Europe. Supported by IPCEI funding, ams OSRAM invests in new technologies, systems, manufacturing processes, and, most importantly, in people. In this way, ams OSRAM significantly contributes to achieve the goals of the European Green Deal and boosts the digital transformation.

To enable the next-generation of optoelectronic semiconductor technologies from ams OSRAM, the German federal government and the Free State of Bavaria provide funding within the IPCEI ME/CT program. Over five years (2023 – 2027), the subsidies will support the company’s substantial investments in future-oriented, highly innovative chip technologies as well as energy- and resource-efficient products at its Regensburg location.


R&D activities within OptoSuRe

OptoSure covers a wide range of highly innovative technologies, some of which we already know today. The next generation of these technologies offer a great deal of potential to develop more sustainable and efficient products that improve everyone’s live - a potential, which we want to leverage together.

IR light sources for sensing applications

Coherent and non-coherent light sources for applications such as LiDAR and infrared spectroscopy, which will be particularly important for applications in the automotive and industrial sectors, but also for consumer products for health applications and food safety.

Efficient and smart display systems

Efficient and smart display systems based on miniaturized LEDs and the integration of electronic components (e.g. transparent, high-resolution and/or highly dynamic displays), with applications in almost all areas of life.

UV-C light sources

Environmentally friendly and sustainable UV-C light sources are the new tiny wonder weapon in the fight against germs and viruses. UV-C LEDs clean and disinfect using invisible light by emitting ultraviolet radiation in the wavelength range from 260 to 280 nm. 

Smart and efficient headlamps

Smart and efficient LEDs for headlight systems, which enable communication with other - especially 'analog' - road users (car-to-X communication) in addition to conventional functions in autonomous vehicles, among other things.

Digital methods in production processes

New front-end and back-end processes and highly automated production methods including a "digital twin" of compound semiconductor production based on AI-assisted planning, control and production tools.

Collaboration & spillover

Beyond the technological achievements, ams OSRAM aims to increase the impact of OptoSure in terms of positive spillover. By engaging with partners inside the opto- and microelectronics ecosystem, the scientific community, the European Society and the downstream industry, we enhance networking and collaborations. 

To increase the impact of OptoSuRe, we undertake Spillover activities in the following areas:

  • Internships, Master Theses and PhD studies at ams OSRAM
  • Structured Training Program for future entrepreneurs 
  • R&D cooperation with Universities and RTOs
  • R&D cooperation with Industry (incl. SMEs and Startups)
  • Engineering support
  • Cooperation with Clusters, PPPs, Innovation Networks, Associations 
  • Support of selected conferences, awards as well as public outreach and career events
  • Scientific Workshops and Webinars 

News & events around R&D

Together with committed colleagues and experts from the various partners, we are actively exploring the limits of our technology to make it more efficient and sustainable. We will report on this here.