Digital diagnostic devices

Non-invasive long-term monitoring of vital parameters forms the basis for reliable health diagnosis. ams OSRAM’s integrated optical emitter-detector modules, highly sensitive signal acquisition front ends and spectral sensors enable advanced solutions for medical grade diagnostic devices.

Medical-grade vital sign monitoring

Vital signs are measurements of the body's basic functions, and may be used to assess the general physical health of a person. These signals, which vary with age, weight, gender, and physical condition, are useful in monitoring actual and longterm health state and indicate potential deviations from known good medical health state for early detection of potential problems. Vital signs can be measured in a medical setting, at home, at the site of a medical emergency, or elsewhere.

There is a continuous trend of miniaturization, higher precision and accuracy as well as increasing levels of integration in these devices. ams OSRAM has a wide range of technologies that support the development of these new sensor products to capture the desired vital parameters. Our optical modules can be easily integrated into monitoring systems intended for use in medical devices.
They enable:

  • Precise non-invasive measurements of medical parameters: pulse rate, electrocardiogram (ECG), blood oxygen
  • Derived vital sign parameters originating from precise ECG and pulse rate measurements: blood pressure, arterial elasticity and vagal tone
  • Continuous monitoring of health status as part of a preventive medical program enabled by miniaturization and low-power optimized components for maximum battery lifetime
  • The development of small, highly integrated, cost-effective, medical-grade solutions based on proven optical modules, integrated sensing IC's and innovative diagnostic algorithms based on these components
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Hyper-accurate digital temperature sensor

A great example of vital sign monitoring is the hyper-accurate digital temperature sensor from ams OSRAM which can precisely measure body temperature (0.09°C accuracy). In wearable monitoring devices, battery-driven patches, and even medical-grade solutions, sensors must be small enough that the device is comfortable to wear for personal health monitoring of this important vital sign. In all battery-powered mobile electronic devices, power efficiency is a must – especially for long-term, continuous monitoring.

These cost-effective ams OSRAM technologies support the development of health monitoring devices by enabling reliable measurement. The fully-factory calibrated/linearized sensor and its digital interface – with the option of using multiple sensors on one bus – offers easy integration into systems and smart interaction with machine-learning algorithms.

The ams OSRAM digital temperature sensor meets the highest quality standards to provide you with exceptional reliability over the lifetime of your product.


Point-of-care diagnostics: precise automated testing, anytime, anywhere

Advances in optical sensing technology open space for new solutions for e.g. blood gas analytics, glycolic monitoring as well as lateral flow testing. Our leading edge spectral sensor portfolio enables high end spectrometer type scanning precision at very attractive pricing. Providing patients digital point-of-care diagnostics, meaning fast test and results performed where the patient is, rather than at a laboratory, leads to better therapy decision and thus higher quality of care. Many tests today require large, expensive diagnostic instruments, with the samples being sent to a laboratory. If diagnostic services are administered locally, there are many advantages, including a shorter time to wait for results and reduced cost. Critical elements in the design of successful point-of-care diagnostic equipment are chip-scale integration and miniaturization: this allows for a continual reduction in the cost of equipment, and enables the provision of additional features like connectivity in small, handheld form factors. Instead of simple yes/no binary diagnostic decisions, results become quantifiable and assessable which allows to identify variations and deviations much earlier. 

ams OSRAM is a global leader in optical technology and sensors. Many biometric sensing applications depend on optical technologies, which offer high sensitivity and the ability to measure multiple parameters.  Our sensor technologies support the development of next-generation point-of-care diagnostics systems, including light detectors, light sources, on-wafer filter technologies and micro-optics lens systems. Those sensors are available as chips and as integrated optical modules. The modules include both light sources and detectors, and may be easily implemented within the electronic designs for diagnostic devices. Our right-fit spectral emitters combined with matching detector technology provide the digital data interface for machine learning algorithms which are revolutionizing lateral flow tests, PCR or ELISA testing, lactate meters and many others. They are at the heart of next generation digital chemistry analyzers and enable a new level of point-of-care solutions due to their fast, sensitive and precise parametric measurements. 


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