Multi chips

Saving space with combining several dies in one package​.

Multi chip package device

A multi chip package device combines the functions of multiple LEDs or combining it with the capabilities of a photodiode to create a versatile device that can be used for a variety of applications. ​The device consists of a number LEDs arranged in a specific pattern and wavelength to enable the mixture of specific colors in a very small package.​

Connecting LED and photodiode in one package allows the realization of out of the box usable optical sensors with a variety of application fields. When light strikes the LEDs, they emit a specific pattern of light that can be detected by the photodiode. The output signal from the photodiode is then used to control other devices or perform specific actions, such as triggering a camera, activating an alarm system or calculating a vital sign parameter. ​


Optical modules

Our high performance LEDs and Photodiodes are integrated into ams OSRAM Optical Front End modules. These are appropriately situated for signal strength with sufficient optical isolation, and are ready to be inserted in products that come into touch with the surface.  ​