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ams OSRAM welcomes you to the partner network

The ams OSRAM partner network is designed to give customers multiple options to procure the support that best fits their business model with the integration of advanced optical and sensor systems into their end product designs. Partners are an important part of ams OSRAM’s go-to-market strategy and shall enable quick and simple design starts and product realizations for our joint customers.

The partner selection is based on matching partner capabilities to ams OSRAM’s strategic business focus. Identified partners provide proven hardware, software or manufacturing competences around the ams OSRAM portfolio.

Partner types

The ams OSRAM partner network comprises different types of partners allowing customers to interact at the appropriate solution or service level.

Module & solution provider

Manufacturers of modules which perform a complete function such as 3D vision for depth mapping as used in robotics or biometric face authentication, or which implement complete application solutions, such as fully integrated LED luminaires for outdoor or horticultural lighting.

Independent design-house service

Design consultancies which provide deep expertise in the use of ams OSRAM components, offered to customers via dedicated design concepts, design implementations, production, testing or supply chain services.

Complementary offer

Companies supplying complementary solutions which - in combination with the ams OSRAM portfolio of products - facilitate the integration of technology at the system level. Examples include an image processor operating alongside an ams OSRAM optical imaging front end, or LED driver stages in combination with complementary LED modules.

Component recommendation

Certain ams OSRAM products require secondary components to realize their intended function. Recommended components are pre-approved or pre-tested for operation with ams OSRAM products. Examples include dipole magnets to work with ams OSRAM magnetic position sensors, and secondary optics paired with ams OSRAM LEDs.

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