Shaping the world with detector solutions. Leading manufacturers around the globe rely on ams OSRAM’ sensing know-how for advanced systems design.

Photodiodes and phototransistors

ams OSRAM offers a wide range of high performing photodiodes and phototransistors covering the spectral range from UV to near- infrared.
Not only do we offer broadband detectors but also products designed to filter for specific wavelength or for example have the same response characteristic as the human eye. Our products support the various markets from automotive, industry, consumer and medical & health with regards to performance and quality.


Our photodiodes and phototransistors portfolio


Various markets from automotive, industry; consumer and medical & health require specifically designed photodiodes to yield products with outstanding performance.


ams OSRAM offers a wide range of phototransistors in very small footprinted packages with an outstanding ability to amplify the detected signal.