ams AS7341L - 10-Channel Spectral Analytic Sensor

ams AS7341L - 10-Channel Spectral Analytic Sensor

Product features

AS7341L is a 10-channel spectrometer for spectral identification and analytic applications used in mobile devices. The spectral response is defined in the wavelengths from approximately 350nm to 1000nm. 6 channels can be processed in parallel by independent ADCs while the other channels are accessible via a multiplexer. 8 optical channels cover the visible spectrum, one channel can be used to measure near infra-red light and one channel is a photo diode without filter (“clear”). The NIR channel in combination with the other VIS channels may provide information about special characteristics of analytes (e.g. Lateral Flow Tests).
The device can also be synchronized to external signals via pin GPIO.

AS7341L integrates filters into standard CMOS silicon via Nano-optic deposited interference filtertechnology and its package provides a built in aperture to control the light entering the sensor array.
Control and Spectral data access is implemented through a serial I²C interface. The device is available in an ultra-low profile package with dimensions of 3.1mm x 2mm x 1mm.

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