ams CMV2000


The CMV2000 is a high sensitivity, pipelined global shutter CMOS image sensor with 2048 x 1088 pixel resolution capable of HD format. Pipelining allows exposure during read out. The state-of-the-art pixel architecture offers true correlated double sampling (CDS) reducing the fixed pattern noise and dark noise significantly. The imager integrates 16 LVDS channels each running at 480 Mbps resulting in a 340 fps frame rate at full resolution at 10 bit per pixel. Driving and read-out are programmed over a serial peripheral interface. An internal timing generator produces the signals needed for read-out and exposure control of the image sensor. External exposure triggering remains possible. A 12 bit per pixel mode is available at reduced frame rate.

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세부 정보

주문 코드

제품 유형 설명 주문 번호 재고 여부
CMV2000-3E12M1PP Q65114A0031
CMV2000-3E5C1CA Q65114A0023
CMV2000-3E5C1PP Q65114A0024
CMV2000-3E5M1CA Q65114A0025
CMV2000-3E5M1PP Q65114A0028
CMV2000-3E5M1PA Q65114A0027
CMV2000-2E12M1PP Q65114A0002
CMV2000-2E5C1PP Q65114A0005
CMV2000-2E5M1LP Q65114A0009
CMV2000-2E5M1PP Q65114A0010
CMV2000-3E12M1CA Q65114A0029



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