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Key Technology Scenarios for Lighting:

Spectral Sensing, Ambient Lighting, Smart Lighting, Horticulture Lighting, LED  Solutions, Time-of-Flight, Presence Detection, Near-Infrared (NIR), Human-Centric Lighting (HCL), Outdoor Lighting, Indoor Lighting

Expert horticulture LEDs and sensors

How do we better produce food in the quality and quantity needed to feed the world?

Whether monitoring plant hydration, chlorophyll response, or potential infestation, the technological potential of sensors – and LED light in controlled growing spaces – is enabling a new agricultural revolution that optimizes the benefits and maximizes our limited resources.

Together ams and OSRAM create a leader in professional LED horticulture lighting and sensing. Our spectral sensing technology enables real-time monitoring of total illumination at the plants to manage targeted growth lighting recipes while accounting for external lighting influences in greenhouses with sunlight access. Chip-scale spectral sensing technology extending from the visible to near-infrared (NIR) opens all-new arenas of condition and plant-growth monitoring by making the invisible visible. Agricultural use cases include crop-sprayer controls keyed to plant detection or health, drone optimization and imaging, plus grain harvesting or storage monitoring.

Our extensive emitter portfolio to address professional top-/inter-lighting and vertical farming applications covers all the key growth-optimizing wavelengths and radiation-angle options needed for all types of plants and flowers.


LEDS and smart indoor lighting solutions

Did you know lighting is more than just illumination, that it can be designed to positively impact our overall well-being and productivity?

Lighting plays an essential role in giving our built spaces a personality. Creating the desired mood can make or break an atmosphere – from workplaces striving to inspire creativity and thinking, educational settings optimizing an environment for learning, hospitals where sleep and rest are critical to recovery, and residential spaces where smart homes become a norm. Human-centric lighting (HCL) makes this a reality and is gaining popularity due to its ability to optimize daylight patterns, better manage our circadian rhythms (body clocks), improve our productivity and performance, as well as raise our mental and emotional well-being.

ams and OSRAM design and deliver a range of intelligent and innovative LEDs, spectral and ambient light sensors that form the backbone for HCL. Our LEDs offer infinite lighting and design possibilities, and combine with our smart lighting mangers to create more cost-effective, higher accuracy selectable and tunable lighting, transforming spaces. Our spectral and ambient light sensors add competence to room monitoring systems increasing the comfort and well-being.

indoor lighting

Enabling professional outdoor lighting

As darkness falls, what impacts our senses and feelings about our surroundings?

Our sense of safety, of being visible, and perception is heightened by better lighting.  High quality outdoor lighting makes a difference and provides many important benefits to society. Designed to give clear visibility without discomfort, good street lighting contributes to the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers at night. Stage and architectural lighting highlight the design of buildings and physical structures – illuminating objects for aesthetic and functional appeal, creating an emotional attachment while fulfilling its core function – so that people can see.

ams and OSRAM have a broad and deep portfolio of cutting-edge spectral sensors and LEDs for all professional outdoor lighting requirements, delivering high quality, cost-effective solutions while providing more sustainable lighting-design choices. Our LED solutions deliver outstanding performance, reliability, and industry-leading lifetime, even in harsh outdoor conditions. In parallel our time-of-flight and spectral sensing solutions offer presence detection and spectral power distribution (SPD) quantification to support specialized outdoor lighting technologies that are helping drive the future of smart cities.


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