What's your pulse? Vital sign monitoring

Learn more about vital sign monitoring.

The Photon Studio. The ams OSRAM Podcast: Episode #7 with Florian Lex.
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Who doesn't know them nowadays? Modern smartwatches, fitness trackers, and gadgets track your pulse, the calories burned, the oxygen saturation in your blood, and many other biological measurements during the day or after a workout. What was still reserved for professional sports in recent decades has arrived in our everyday lives - individual biomonitoring. The quest for performance and self-optimization is as old as man himself. There are very different manifestations of this: Be it the Olympic motto of "Higher, Faster, Further" or the desire for beauty. And again, as in all our podcast stories, light and sensors play a decisive role when it comes to recording vital signs. 


To learn more about Vital Sign Monitoring, the challenges in the technical development and to highlight the offer of ams OSRAM for the customers I invited my colleague Florian Lex, Product Marketing Manager to the Photonstudio today.