ams Active Noise Cancellation technology empowers Linner to drive innovation in on-ear and over-ear audio applications

Premstaetten/Austria, Beijing/China (12 September 2018) – ams (SIX: AMS), the leading worldwide supplier of high performance sensor solutions, today unveiled that Linner (Shenzhen Shengyuan Tech Co., Ltd.), China’s domestic noise-cancellation innovator, has deployed the ams AS3435 IC in its new, stylish NC80 and NC90 headsets.

Linner’s new NC80/NC90 headsets, one on-ear and one over-ear, use ams’ hybrid active noise cancellation (ANC) solution and ams’ speaker driver for great sound quality without hiss noise.
By using two AS3435 chipsets, Linner’s headphones achieve optimal hybrid ANC. While the headsets support wireless mode via Bluetooth, they can also use the wired mode.

The Linner NC80 is its first on-ear Bluetooth ANC headset. The modern lightweight headset includes noise reduction microphones inside and outside the earmuffs. The closed earmuffs are designed to isolate noise interference, when the user is listening to music, greatly improving the experience. The Linner NC80 is currently for sale through China’s leading e-commerce platforms, including and

The Linner NC90 is Linner’s over-ear Bluetooth ANC headset. Like the NC80, the NC90 is a head-mounted wireless headset with intelligent hybrid active noise cancellation and ambient sound enhancement. Hybrid noise reduction technology effectively reduces noise by up to 40 dB.
The NC90 can isolate 97% of the ambient noise. The N90 is available in China now.

“The Linner brand stands for the very best in design, performance and high-quality sound. Effective noise-cancellation capability is an important appeal to today’s savvy and demanding customers,” said Bond Zhao, Marketing Director at Linner. “By designing in ams’ innovative AS3435 noise cancelling solution, we’ve achieved a superior listening experience for our customers. ams offers the market’s leading noise-cancellation technology, which enables us to unleash our power of innovation and provides us with more possibilities for differentiation and success.”

The full analog implementation in the NC80 and NC90 allows for the lowest power consumption and most natural-received voice enhancement. Even when using ANC mode, operation time for listening to music is up to 20 hours.

The ams AS3435 chipset allows for two ANC modes. The high ANC mode can be used in a high noise environment such as in an airplane to achieve the best noise-cancelling result. The medium ANC mode achieves medium ANC depth, and it is used in low-noise environments such as offices. The ANC function can be accessed via a touch button. Headset users can also control settings by using the headset’s touch control.

“Today’s demanding customers want the best audio experience, so headsets with active noise cancellation are seeing a major uptake in demand. With excellent product performance and highly personalized design, ams helps companies such as Linner give their customers a highly enjoyable and entertaining audio experience,“ said Christian Feierl, Marketing Manager for Audio Sensors at ams.

ams’ ANC solutions are a driving force empowering many world-renown brands to deliver the best-in-class listening experience for headsets including smart and true wireless stereo earbuds.

The AS3435 ANC IC is available now in production volumes. An evaluation kit for the AS3435 is available online. For sample requests and more technical information about the AS3435, visit AS3435.