Osram strengthens innovation initiative with Fluxunit


To encourage innovative internal and external ideas, Osram has created a captive business accelerator called Fluxunit GmbH. In taking this step, Osram has set up a flexible company unit outside its established structures that will promote new and disruptive business ideas. At the same time, Fluxunit will serve as the central point of contact for external and internal start-ups. “Osram aims to be the leading provider of digital and connected lighting solutions. With the help of Fluxunit, we will pro-mote and fuel breakthrough ideas while also bolstering our leading position in the lighting market through the introduction of innovations”, said Stefan Kampmann, CTO of OSRAM Licht AG.

With the innovation and growth initiative “Diamond”, announced in November 2015, Osram further intensifies its focus on technological leadership. The creation of Fluxunit marks an-other major step on Osram’s way to becoming a focused high-tech company that is com-mitted to seizing the opportunities offered by semiconductor-based and digital technologies.

Osram can use the new company to speed up the implementation of innovative ideas and to forge partnerships with start-ups. “Thanks to Fluxunit, we can be just as fast as digitaliza-tion demands,” Kampmann said.

Fluxunit will promote the development and implementation of innovative ideas that extend beyond the traditional business of the lighting company. The aim is to jointly develop busi-ness models until they are ready for the marketplace. On a functional level, the incubator will work closely with Osram’s Innovation and Strategy Department. The company is based in Munich, where Fluxunit will maintain its own offices. Osram consciously decided to use this organizational and physical structure as a way of highlighting Fluxunit's authority to think and act on its own.

You will find more information about Fluxunit GmbH at www.fluxunit.eu 


OSRAM, which has its headquarters in Munich, is one of the world's leading lighting manufacturers and has a history stretching back more than 100 years. Its portfolio ranges from high-tech applica-tions based on semiconductor technologies, such as infrared and laser applications, to intelligent networked lighting solutions in buildings and cities. As of the end of the 2015 fiscal year (Septem-ber 30), OSRAM employed around 33,000 people worldwide and achieved sales in that fiscal year of almost 5.6 billion euros. The company is listed on the Frankfurt am Main and Munich stock ex-changes under SIN: LED 400 (abbreviation: OSR). You can find more information at www.osram.com.


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