New HMI lamps from Osram provide even better illumination for film and TV


To meet growing demands from the film and theater industries Osram has expanded its portfolio of metal halide lamps. The innovative Studio line is perfectly tailored to the requirements of modern entertainment productions and makes additional halogen spotlights superfluous thanks to warm tungsten color temperatures. With its orange base, which signifies UV-Stop technology, it is also easily recognizable. The familiar HMI UVS lamps and other single-ended HMI products have been combined under the new name of HMI Digital. In combination with appropriate control gear, HMI Digital offers flickerfree light with up to 100 lumen/watt and a color temperature of 6,000 K. The two HMI Studio and Digital product lines will be available in retail outlets from February 2018.

Osram HMI lamps have been a permanent feature of film sets throughout the world for almost 50 years. To continue this successful tradition, Osram is expanding its HMI lamp portfolio in 2018. The Osram HMI Studio lamps are newcomers of the range. In daylight luminaires they offer a warm tungsten color temperature which means there is no need for any additional halogen luminaires, halogen lamps or CTO filters. The fact that there is no need for additional spotlights simplifies lighting work on the film set, in the studio or on the stage. For lighting engineers it means easier and quicker setup and lower costs. The HMI Studio series lamps are twice as bright as halogen lamps of the same wattage. They produce a natural looking light, and the set will appear in natural colors thanks to the high color rendering index (CRI) of over 90. The patented UV-Stop (UVS) outer bulb made of quartz glass reduces UV-B and UV-C radiation by up to 99.9 percent without reducing the output.

 Perfect light for any film

HMI Digital is the collective name for updated and new high-performance lamps which, in combination with suitable control gear, ensure that every scene can be filmed in high-quality flickerfree light. They are single-ended metal halide lamps with a color temperature that is very similar to that of natural daylight (6,000 K). They are particularly bright (up to 100 lumen per watt) and have a high color rendering index (CRI) of at least 90. They are suitable for digital and analog film productions, dimmable, available from 200 W to 18,000 W, have improved stability and improved design, have a long life and will be successively equipped with UV-Stop (UVS).


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