Staying visible to stay safe on the way to school: Scout Exklusiv Safety Light illuminated by Osram


Osram fits Scout schoolbag with active integrated LED lighting

The LED module, developed by Osram specifically for Scout, makes it easy for road users to see children – no matter whether they are walking or cycling. Especially when the days get shorter in fall, the flashing LED solution integrated into the face of the schoolbag offers greater road safety on the way to school.

“With active lighting, we want to make a significant contribution to greater safety through visibility, whether it’s at work, in leisure activities or on the way to school”, says Hans-Joachim Schwabe, CEO Specialty Lighting at Osram, explaining the joint project with Scout. “After supporting manufacturers of safety vests, we are now supporting the Steinmann Group, another strong partner pursuing this goal together with us”. Thomas Prechtel, Managing Director of the Steinmann Group, to which the Scout brand belongs, added: “Scout has always been a pioneering brand, and that includes the safety aspect. We are delighted to be launching the Scout Safety Light, a schoolbag that makes children visible without the need for any other light source – and its active lighting is perfectly integrated in the design of the schoolbag.” The LED light guides miniaturized by Osram specifically for Scout are neatly incorporated in the front piping and are visible only when the light is switched on. 

With the new Scout Exklusiv Safety Light on their backs, children attract attention quickly in poor weather conditions, at dusk and in the dark. Mounted on the face of the schoolbag, the LED modules are always there and cannot be lost because they are fully integrated into the design. The safety light is easy to use with its on/off button so that even little ones can operate it on their own. Compared to the popular reflective strips on clothing and schoolbags that reflect the light captured from vehicle headlights, the safety lights from Osram actively flash, making drivers aware of the presence of a child much sooner.

The Scout Exklusiv Safety Light works without batteries – thanks to the built-in rechargeable power bank with a charge status indicator that can also be used as a flashlight.

Schoolbags with integrated LED modules are available from specialist retailers in “Power Car” and “Silver Swan” designs in the limited Scout Exklusiv edition. There is a choice of Scout Sunny and Scout Alpha models – each in a set consisting of a sports bag, 23-piece case and pencil case at the recommended price of 279.90 and 289.90 euros respectively.



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