Balgheim district upgrades to sustainable LED streetlighting


More than 200 outdoor LED luminaires from Osram Lighting Solutions bathe the municipality of Balgheim in new light. Thanks to the refurbishment of their lighting the southern Baden district in Germany achieves not only distinctly improved quality of light but also significantly cuts its energy costs. The long-life, low maintenance LED technology also reduces costs for maintenance and repair.

Balgheim is a small but particularly progressive municipality with around 1,250 residents in the district of Tuttlingen, and with planning and decisions at community level has always aimed for cost-efficiency, sustainability and high practical use for its citizens. Balgheim has participated since 2015 in the sustainability project of the region of Baden-Württemberg and has set itself targets of saving energy, maintaining energy efficiency and being a good example to the residents. All results and success factors are documented in a sustainability report.

Last year the mayor and council took the decision to refurbish the existing SON streetlighting and completely upgrade to LED technology, and since then more than 200 Siteco LED outdoor luminaires ensure modern, sustainable lighting in Balgheim. The aim of the refurbishment was primarily to improve the lighting level and colour rendering, and thus improved visibility and an increased sense of safety and security for citizens on all roads, paths and squares. In addition to higher efficiency and economy, the new LED solutions should also radiate with an appealing and uniform design.

A total of 176 "DL30" town and park luminaires with warm white light colour (3000 Kelvin) and 36 "Streetlight 10" road luminaires with neutral white light (4000 Kelvin) were installed. All luminaires feature integrated technology for reducing lighting levels at times of low traffic. Simultaneously to refurbishing its road lighting, Balgheim has also upgraded the lighting of its church tower to LED – installing FL20 midi floodlights from Osram.


OSRAM with headquarters in Munich, Germany is a globally leading light manufacturer with a company history spanning approximately 100 years. The product portfolio contains high-tech applications based on semiconductor technology such as infrared and laser. Products are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from virtual reality, autonomous driving and mobile phones to networked, intelligent lighting solutions in buildings and cities. The company is global technology and market leader in the automotive lighting technology sector. OSRAM employed around 24,600 people worldwide in the fiscal year 2016 (to 30 September) in its continued business divisions (without Ledvance), and achieved turnover of 3.8 billion euros in this fiscal year. The company is listed at the Frankfurt am Main and Munich stock exchanges under WKN: LED 400 (stock exchange symbol: OSR). Further information can be found on the internet at