Osram presents new LED inspection lamps


Slimline 280, Bonnet 1400, Pocket 280, Penlight 150 and Penlight 150 UV-A

The new LEDinspect PRO portfolio offers products for professional users such as car workshops

The new LEDinspect PRO series comprises five high-performance LED work lights: Slimline 280, Bonnet 1400, Pocket 280, Penlight 150 and Penlight 150 UV-A. “We have further developed the LEDinspect range to create the new LEDinspect PRO products, providing professional users with durable and flexible LED lighting solutions that are ideally designed to meet the requirements of vehicle inspection and maintenance work”, said Petra Maya Wilhelm, Product and Portfolio Manager at Osram.

Powerful lighting for the workshop

Whether you are in the inspection pit checking the chassis, operating a hoist or working deep in the engine compartment, inspection lamps in the LEDinspect-PRO series from Osram will provide you with reliable illumination so you can carry out your maintenance and repair work. These LED lamps can be attached directly to the vehicle by their built-in magnet or flexible hook. The lights are battery operated so there are no trailing cables to trip over. All the inspection lamps in the LEDinspect PRO series come with a three-year guarantee.

Slimline 280

Powerful and versatile: Slimline 280

The new LEDinspect PRO Slimline 280 offer high-intensity light. Ten LEDs arranged in a row with a luminous intensity of 280 lumen (lm) and a color temperature of 6000 kelvin (K) provide ideal illumination of the work areas on a vehicle. The head can be adjusted through 180 degrees to the light can be directed precisely where it is needed. The magnet and holder give the Slimline 280 great versatility, allowing both hands to be free to do the work. The display on the front of the inspection lamp shows the current status of the heavy-duty battery which will provide up to four hours of light at full output and up to eight hours when the lamp is used as a flashlight. The battery can be easily recharged via the USB port or the supplied charging station. The Slimline 280 has a recommended retail price of 79.90 euros. 

A professional look under the bonnet: Bonnet 1400

With its flexible fully rotatable telescopic holder the LEDinspect PRO Bonnet 1400 is ideal for horizontal illumination of the engine to make inspection and maintenance easier. The holder is removable so that Bonnet 1400 can also be suspended by its built-in hook for vertical illumination. With 168 LEDs over a length of 1.80 meters and a light output of 1400 lumen it provides very bright uniform light over a large area. The ultra lightweight yet robust aluminum design make Bonnet 1400 easy to handle. Bonnet 1400 can be recharged using the supplied five meter long cable. It has a recommended retail price of 149.99 euros.

The all-rounder among the inspection lamps: Pocket 280

With its compact dimensions of 132 x 63 millimeters, three high-power LEDs and integrated spotlight function the Pocket 280LED inspection lamp combines user-friendliness and impressive light output of 280 lumen. The built-in belt clip means the Pocket 280 is ready for action at all times. A particularly strong magnet at the back and a fold-out holder provide various options for attaching the lamp to the vehicle, either inside or outside. The display provides constant information about the status of the batteries in this portable work light. The long-life batteries will provide light for three hours and can be recharged via USB. The Pocket 280 has a recommended retail price of 69.90 euros.

Focused light for easier inspections: Penlight 150 and Penlight 150 UV-A

The compact design of the Penlight 150 makes it perfect for vehicle inspections as it offers 150 lumen in a focused beam. The non-slip dirt-resistant surface makes this high-quality LED pen light easy to handle. It has a magnetic clip so it can be attached directly on the vehicle. Penlight 150 UV-A is equipped with an additional UV light for inspecting the engine compartment, helping to locate leaks in the aircon unit. Penlight 150 and Penlight 150 UV‑A are available at a recommended retail price of 44.90 euros and 52.90 euros respectively. 



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