Modario PM: Osram develops trunking solution for industrial areas with high visual demands


The LED continuous row luminaire Modario PM (Performance) from Osram provides pleasant, glare-free and yet very bright illumination in challenging industrial environments. The luminaire enables the safe operating of machinery as well as concentrated, error-free work, making it ideal for e.g. visually challenging assembly line tasks, precision mechanical work and quality inspection.

The variants with clear lens or lens with diffuse scatter particles both achieve very good glare reduction with UGR values from < 19 to < 24 (depending on type), and even versions with measurably higher values still generate no subjectively perceptible impression of glare. Direct viewing into the luminaire is possible and the perception is pleasant. Two different lumen packages are available (~6,500lm and ~10,000lm), and optionally with DALI or multi-lumen functionality (ten lumen packages in one luminaire; settable in steps of 500lm via a DIP switch).

Mounting is especially simple and quick. The lighting inserts are mounted to the trunking rails via rotary catches and external connectors enable simple electrical connection to the rail. 



OSRAM with headquarters in Munich, Germany is a globally leading lighting manufacturer with a company history of around 100 years. The product spectrum contains high-tech applications based on semiconductor technologies such as infrared and laser. Products are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from virtual reality, autonomous driving and mobile phones to networked, intelligent lighting solutions in buildings and cities. The company is global technology and market leader in the automotive lighting technology sector. OSRAM had approximately 24,600 employees around the world in continued business sectors (without Ledvance) with turnover of 3.8 billion euros to the end of the 2016 fiscal year (30 September). The company is listed on the Frankfurt am Main and Munich stock exchanges under WKN: LED 400 (stock exchange symbol: OSR). For further information, see