On-demand webinar: representing the new OSCONIQ® P 3737 for horticulture solutions


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Discover our new OSCONIQ® P 3737 for horticulture solutions. 
With the new OSCONIQ® P 3737 from ams OSRAM, energy costs in greenhouses can be significantly reduced without compromising on light output ratio (LOR). Thanks to the LED’s market-leading overall wall plug efficiency of 83.2 % in Hyper Red, manufacturers of horticultural luminaires can redesign their fixtures to achieve a higher photon flux of 6.13 µmol/s with lower energy consumption. This results in a significant increase in the photosynthesis rate (PS rate), maximizes crop yields, and shortens harvest cycles.


Thomas Grebner

Marketing Engineer for horticulture applications at ams OSRAM

At ams OSRAM Thomas is responsible for the illumination business in Northern Europe and Benelux. He is an expert in horticultural lighting. In his current position as a product marketing engineer, Thomas has a strong focus on market research, product and market development, benchmarks, system calculations/simulations. He holds a Master's degree in Logistics and a Bachelor in Engineering.