ams AS3721-29_EVM_SN Evaluation kit



The AS3721/29 Evaluation Kit allows you to easily evaluate the principle functionality of the AS3721 power management unit. All functions and registers can be controlled via the included PC GUI software. Key Features: - 4 DC-DC step-down regulators (3-4 MHz) - 3 DC-DC step-down controller - 12 universal LDOs - RTC - Supervisor with interrupt generation and selectable warning levels - General purpose IOs - ADC with intern and external sources - OTP programmable boot and power-down sequence - Stand-by function with programmable sequence and voltages - Control interface - Package: 124-pin CTBGA (8x8mm), 0.5mm pitch Applications: The device is suitable for tablet PCs, netbooks, portable media players, portable navigation devices, and mobile internet devices.