ams AS3953_DEM_SN_NFiC Demonstrator kit



Please note, the AS3953 antenna demo tag must be used in conjunction with a microcontroller (MCU) and connected via SPI. Consider the below options to start configuring the AS3953 antenna tag.
- Use the MCU from complete development kit which is available from ams OSRAM
- Download the development resources and build your own copy of the PIC 24 MCU board included in our development kit.
- Connect the AS3953 NFiC Antenna Tag to any MCU in your existing system. In case a different MCU than PIC24 is being used, the existing firmware of our development kit must be ported. The complete sources of our AS3953 development kit are available on request from ams OSRAM.

Please note that ams-OSRAM AG is discontinuing production of AS3953.


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