Ultra compact infrared laser modules.

BIDOS® for mobile & wearables applications

BIDOS® for mobile & wearables applications

BIDOS VCSEL power arrays are ultra compact infrared laser modules with various fields of irradiation. BIDOS P2433 Q is available in four different versions including two different fields-of-illumination and two output power levels. The VCSEL-based modules with a size of 3.3 mm x 2.4 mm are suitable for 3D sensing applications using Time-of-Flight (ToF) measurement, which require a homogeneous illumination of the scene. Due to their wavelength of 940 nm, all modules are also free from the red glow effect, which is perceived by the human eye as disturbing flickering.



  • VCSEL Power Array with typical 3W optical output power, resp. 6.5W for double junction versions
  • Efficiency up to 45% with double junction VCSEL
  • Wavelength: 940nm
  • Multiple FoI (Field of Illumination) available
  • Compact module footprint of 3.3 mm x 2.4 mm x 1.2 mm
  • Integrated monitoring photodiode with high linearity for simple eye safety integration