OSLON® Piccolo

Intuitive interaction with ultra-compact infrared LEDs for gesture control in car interiors.

OSLON® Piccolo for automotive & mobility applications

OSLON® Piccolo for automotive & mobility applications

The OSLON® Piccolo is a member of ams OSRAMs Power IR Emitter family for automotive applications which combines high optical power (1,15W @ 1A) with a very small footprint of only 1,6 x 1,6 x 0,81 mm³. It comes with two wavelength options (850nm and 940nm) and is perfectly suited for IR illumination applications which require small size components due to restricted board space, e.g. in modern slim displays. Short switching times around 10ns also permit the usage in 3D ToF systems, making the OSLON® Piccolo a useful fit for gesture sensing applications. A temperature range of -40° … 105°C even exceeds the requirements of the AEC Q102 standard.



  • 850 nm and 940 nm wavelength available
  • Package dimensions 1,6 x 1,6 x 0,81 mm³
  • Max. DC output power 1,15 W @ 1 A
  • Rise time 9 ns, fall time 16 ns
  • Temperature range -40° … 105° C
  • AEC Q102 qualified


  • Power IR emitter with smallest package size
  • IR light source with high efficiency of ~40%
  • Fast switching times
  • Low package height for most restricted board space conditions

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