ams CHR71000



The CHR71000 is a high resolution CMOS image sensor with 10000 by 7096 pixels. The image array consists of 3.1μm x 3.1μm pinned diode pixels which share a number of transistors (2 pixels sharing). The image sensor has 8 analog outputs, each running at 30MHz. This results in a frame rate of 3fps at full resolution. Higher frame rates can be achieved in windowing mode or subsampling mode. The image sensor also integrates a programmable gain amplifier and offset regulation. These and other settings are all programmable using the SPI interface. All internal exposure and read out timings are generated by a programmable on-board sequencer. External triggering and exposure programming is also possible. The CHR71000 is derived from a custom CMOS image sensor. This sensor is not for sale for biometric applications.

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  • Resolution of 10000x7096 pixel at 3 frames per second
  • Small rolling shutter pixel


  • Increased visibility of object details
  • Good electro-optical performance in a small area




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