ams AS6200C Temperature Sensor

ams AS6200C Temperature Sensor

Product features

The AS6200C is a complete digital sensor system designed to fulfill the challenges of cold chain applications in storage and transportation. It is very well suited for data loggers complying with EN12830:1999 class 1 standard as well as enriching the performance of domestic and commercial refrigerators. The AS6200C provides a fully calibrated and linearized sensor system that can easily be accessed via an I²C interface. It provides a resolution of 12-bit with its highest accuracy of ±0.2°C from +20°C to -10°C. The integrated alarm functionality enables micro controller wake up calls on defined temperature thresholds. An internal voltage regulator enables stable accuracy independent of the supply voltage between 1.8 to 3.6V. For power sensitive applications, the device can enter a low-power wait state with 0.1μA current consumption.




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