CMOS image sensors

Innovative small form factor, high sensitivity and power efficiency CMOS image sensors.


Mira image sensor

Global shutter NIR image sensor from ams OSRAM advances 2D and 3D sensing with high quantum efficiency at visible and NIR wavelengths.

Mira image sensor’s high quantum efficiency enables operation with low-power emitter and in dim lighting conditions. 

Stacked chip design uses ams OSRAM back side illumination technology to shrink package footprint to optimized size, giving greater design flexibility to manufacturers of smart glasses and other space-constrained products.
Low-power operation and ultra-small size make the Mira ideal for active stereo vision or structured lighting 3D systems in drones, robots and smart door locks, as well as mobile and wearable devices. Global shutter enables the distortion-free capture of fast objects by exposing all pixels of the array simultaneously. 


Miniature camera modules

The NanEye miniature CMOS image sensors and corresponding smallest digital camera module configurations are available in modular form factors as small as 1 mm x 1mm. Various optics options are available. As small as a pinhead, NanEye fits in the smallest of locations, is lightweight, and also benefits from a low Z-height. The full NanEye camera module occupies minimal board area and also provides system designers with maximum integration flexibility ideal for applications like endoscopy, AR/VR headsets, mini-drones or robotics.



Area scan sensors

The ams OSRAM family of pipelined global shutter sensors features high frame rates for a wide range of demanding professional and industrial applications. Their resolutions range from 2Mpixels up to 50Mpixels. Rolling shutter image sensors feature high 71Mpixel resolution for use in demanding industrial applications.


Line scan sensors

The CMOS line scan image sensor family from ams consists of 23 variants, offering a range of resolution and pixel size specifications. Resolution options range from 2kpixels up to 16kpixels and line rates extend up to 120,000 lines/s with the new 4LS product family.


Premium distribution partners

These CMOS (Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor) imaging sensors serve a broad range of applications and markets including machine vision, medical electronics, broadcast equipment, traffic management, scientific instrumentation and photography. ams OSRAM also supplies miniature camera modules for endoscopy-like applications.

ams OSRAM offers its CMOS imaging sensors as complete turnkey solutions, and the whole process from specification and design, through prototyping and product qualification, to volume production, is implemented by ams OSRAM.