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Automotive Key Technologies and Solutions:

Driver Monitoring, Gesture Sensing, Interior Monitoring, Interior Lighting, Exterior Lighting, LiDAR, Autonomous Driving, Advanced Diver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), Automotive Aftermarket, LED fixtures, Performance lamps

Applications for our automotive solutions


Automotive Interior: Sensing and Lighting

How will sensing and lighting technology change the way you experience automotive mobility? Tomorrow’s automotive interior will be fundamentally different in shape and functionality, as end customers demand greater convenience, safety, and individualization.

New control systems will emerge, like gesture control ams  / gesture control OSRAM for seamless human-machine interaction. Innovative smart interior lighting will support onboard wellbeing with a customizable ambient experience. Bigger and better displays will enable new forms of in-car entertainment. Innovative sensors for driver- and in-cabin monitoring ams / in-cabin monitoring OSRAM will improve safety by providing data on the vehicle’s occupants to its safety systems. Augmented-reality powered head-up displays will reduce distraction, revolutionizing the way information is presented to the driver.

ams and OSRAM is well positioned to deliver key technology building blocks needed to realize the future of automotive interior: like IRED, VCSEL emitter and sensor components for gesture control, driver monitoring ams  / driver monitoring OSRAM and in-cabin monitoring, LED for smart interior lighting, ambient light sensors for dynamic display brightness adjustment, and EEL for next-generation, augmented-reality powered head-up displays.


Automotive Exterior: Form and Function

How will lighting and sensing technology change vehicle-to-human communication?

Automotive exterior lighting and sensing will continue to rapidly evolve, harnessing the newest technologies to enable vehicles to increasingly connect with their drivers, other road users, and traffic control systems. Automotive manufacturers worldwide are searching for innovative ways to improve safety, enable advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving, and deliver advanced styling options for end customers.

To meet these needs, ams and OSRAM delivers a broad portfolio of highly-diversified components and modules for exterior lighting, signaling, and sensing applications, enabling our customers to create the best possible solutions for modern forward lighting, signaling, and exterior sensing.

New matrix LED headlights for maximum visibility and iconic styling options and Light Detection and Ranging or LiDAR sensors ams / LiDAR OSRAM for enabling ADAS functionality like highway pilot are just two of many novel applications in the exterior lighting and sensing space ams and OSRAM can enable by providing the right technological building blocks.


Automotive aftermarket

How can lighting make a difference, even if your vehicle is not the latest model?

As the global leader in automotive lighting, together ams and OSRAM have decades of experience and offer a wide range of lighting and car-care products for the upgrade and repair of vehicles. In the same speed that automotive technologies are changing, so is the Aftermarket.

The latest innovations offer high-quality performance lamps, LED fixtures and headlights, driving- and working lights for best illumination under difficult light- and weather conditions for professional use and our car-care products offer safer tire inflation, battery charging, and their tracking via mobile apps. We constantly work on new lighting applications and product ranges to improve people’s lives and connection to their vehicle.

We believe that ams and OSRAM stands out through effective marketing strategies, mature sales logistics, and a reliable delivery service. Our focus is on the customer and the strong partnership through the whole value chain, from factory through the garage to the car driver.


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