ams OSRAM Optical Technology Forum – Rest of Asia region

Meet us virtually at the ams OSRAM optical technology forum to understand more about ams OSRAM's intelligent sensors & emitters.

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In an increasingly connected world, sensing plays a crucial role in closing the gap between the physical and the digital, enabling people and machines to comprehend and interact with the world. Through using the full spectrum of light and combining sensors, software and emitters, we bring the information that our environment holds to light by capturing, analyzing and visualizing it.

In this forum, we will discuss in depth the innovative products and solutions among the broadest market, covering the fields of consumer electronics, automotive, industry, lighting, etc. 

Time: Monday, November 6, 2023 at 1:30p.m. to 5:15p.m. GMT+8 

Agenda :

Smart IOT & Wearable
Automotive and Mobility,

Come join our experts for deep-dived technical discussions and let us showcase our cutting-edge light emitting and  sensing products and technologies to help with your requirements.

Welcome to the forum to interact online with our experts and explore the future of optical technologies!