Automotive Engineering Exposition 2022

2022/05/25 - 2022/05/27

offline (Yokohama, Japan) and online (May 25th-31st)

Booth No.:

Hall C, booth no 178



Meet us at this event where ams OSRAM will showcase advanced sensing and illumination solutions that is essential for future automotive applications.

Join us and learn about our automotive key technologies


ams OSRAM Demo line-up

Driver monitoring

Demonstrates 3D sensing adopting ams OSRAM NIR structured light dot projector (Belago V1.2) and single High-QE CMOS image sensor. The 3D sensing in “In-Cabin” could be used for application like HUD-AR. It is expected to improve accuracy of DMS algorithm.

Panel modules with small packaged LEDs.

The future of the automotive exterior goes way beyond simple illumination. To fulfil the requirements of higher levels of autonomous driving innovative solutions are needed that significantly enhance safety in road traffic. ams OSRAM demonstrates a rear lamp concept image with animation by using E1515 that is existing Automotive Interior products family.


ams OSRAM is only one Laser component supplier with having both EEL and VCSEL solutions for automotive LiDAR solutions. 
EEL: 1D MEMS Laser Scanning demonstration with ams OSRAM’s best in class 125W x 4 EEL component.

Steering wheel Demo

An application example of the high-precision impedance detection principle (I / Q demodulation) for detecting the state of the driver's hand on the steering wheel.

Direct Backlighting Demo with SYNIOS E1515 

Increasing of display sizes, better resolution and color gamut requirements drive the development of ever more efficient LEDs with optimized spectral properties. SYNIOS E1515 is ideal for very thin direct back lighting due to 360°sidelooker package.

Mira High QE Sensors

Mira global shutter image sensor family demonstrates best-in-class quantum efficiency, enables power optimization at system level and long range applications.

LBS Demo Projector

 ams OSRAM is a key supplier of a variety of opto-electronic components for Augmented Reality (AR) glasses and headsets. The display is the main feature of such glasses/devices. With the new ams OSRAM VEGALAS RGB laser module ultra small projector modules are doable enabling fashionable and lightweight AR glasses.

ams OSRAM Mobility Image Film

> Find out more about the ams OSRAM Automotive and Mobility applications.

We are looking foward to meeting you at our booth!