2023 Semiconductor Industry Development Trend Summit & Awarding Ceremony  

ams OSRAM will present the Chinese topic: Intelligent In-Cabin of Vehicle - Innovation based on products from ams OSRAM.

HQEW.com will host the "2023 Semiconductor Industry Development Trend Summit and Awarding Ceremony" in Shenzhen in April 2023, gathering well-known manufacturers and industry experts from upstream and downstream semiconductor industry to discuss under the new round of development opportunities, how does the semiconductor industry ride this wave and get advantage? In the long semiconductor industry chain and wide range of applications, how to find highlights in the fierce competition in an invincible position.

Speaking slot: Tuesday, Apr. 25th, 2023, 13:55-14:20 GMT+8

Topic: Intelligent In-Cabin of Vehicle - Innovation based on products from ams OSRAM
The smart cabin can provide an intelligent experience, improve driving safety, increase entertainment and practicality, and ams OSRAM has a wide selection of products available for intelligent applications in automotive cabins. Among them, multi-point TOF, IR LED, VCSEL, sensor, RGBi and other products that supports gesture recognition, DMS/OMS, smart surface, intelligent reading light, hand-off detection and other innovative applications.


Jason Yu

Senior Field Application Engineer

Jason Yu has rich experience in project application and technical support. He is responsible for the technical support of automotive and related products at ams OSRAM. He focuses on the application of semiconductor sensor parts, optical devices and VCSEL in DMS/OMS, Lidar and other light source products. He has participated in the development of numerous automotive electronic intelligent and autonomous driving projects.