Putting digital temperature sensors in leading industrial applications – from process automation and monitoring through to medical and mobility – is a no-brainer and here’s why.

The global temperature sensor market is expanding rapidly and projected to reach 8.8 billion USD by 2027, an increase of 2.5 billion USD from today.* This growth is primarily driven by the explosion in the number of applications that require precise temperature measurement – sensors that are used to control and monitor both consumer- and industrial-based applications. For example, monitoring the higher density of components in a PCB design, where thermal issues typically have a higher impact on the system performance. Not to forget the increase in the number of battery-operated solutions where accurate temperature control is critical to ensuring a safe user experience.

The move to digital temperature sensors

Historically, digital temperature sensors have been pervasive in consumer applications, from smartphones to smart speakers. Thanks to ongoing innovation and a plethora of new use cases such as predictive maintenance, autonomous machinery, process monitoring, appliances and robotics, we are experiencing an uptake in industrial applications, driven by a need for precision, cost and industry standardization, and replacing legacy analog sensors. This shift is predominantly due to the move to Industry 4.0 and the exponential growth in the number of digital devices and components in the market today.

We manufacture advanced digital temperature sensors designed for high-accuracy applications with ultra-low power consumption. Our products are ideal for industrial automation, mobile health, and wearables. The increasing penetration of ams-based digital temperature sensors in industrial applications is driven by two technological improvements. First, improvements in accuracy measurement are enabling exact temperatures readings. The second reason is the adoption of small size wafer level chip-scale packages (WLCSP), allowing customers to develop turnkey solutions, faster and more economically, accelerating time to market, and increasing competitive advantage.


Three reasons to choose the AS621x family of digital temperature sensors


1. Factory calibrated

Our market success is driven by our in-house expertise. We design and manufacture digital temperature sensors with our customers’ needs in mind. The AS621x family of digital temperature sensors is a fully-calibrated and linearized sensor solution that is easy-to-integrate into many designs. No in-house system-level calibration – which can be expensive – is required on the customer side.


2. Compressed bill of materials

The AS621x family is a complete miniature digital sensor system which means that the accuracy of the design is no longer dependent on external components such as precision reference resistors or high-grade LDOs and ADCs. In addition, the use of the application processors for temperature conversion is minimized. Customers no longer have to go through the time-consuming exercise of selecting and compatibility testing to find the best components. This allows for a faster time-to-market.


3. Ultra-low power consumption

Our leading-edge AS621x family of digital temperature sensors was designed with ultra-low power consumption in mind. In addition to the low operating and standby current consumption, the integrated alarm function with an ‘interrupt’ pin wakes the application processor only when a threshold has been reached, further reducing the overall power consumption.


Our higher performance, intelligent, and miniaturized sensors help create technology for a better lifestyle. ams’ cutting-edge digital sensor solutions accelerate your time to market, and provide a competitive edge for your business.