Osram signs agreement on the future of its Traunreut luminaires site


Osram is making further progress in realigning its Luminaires & Solutions reporting segment. The company has signed an agreement with employee representatives that contains basic elements for the future of Siteco Beleuchtungstechnik GmbH’s main location in Traunreut, Germany. One key element is the retention of production and a large part of the site’s jobs. “Our constructive talks have reached a conclusion that all parties can be satisfied with,” said Peter Laier, Osram’s Chief Technology Officer and executive board member responsible for the company’s general lighting business. “The goal is to improve the competitiveness of the luminaires business and to reach a sustainable profit level.”

The professional luminaires business is facing structural challenges due to its high cost base. Against this background, Osram plans to adjust the number of positions at Siteco in Germany from currently more than 1,000 to about 800 by the end of fiscal year 2015. The measures are planned to be implemented in a socially responsible way and will only affect the Traunreut location. The cuts will mainly focus on production, administration and logistics, with the latter to be transferred to an external service provider.

The Luminaires Business Unit comprises business with professional luminaires, and for a smaller part also with retail customers. It combines Osram’s original luminaires business with the activities of Siteco that were acquired in 2011. Siteco supplies and manufactures technical lighting systems for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as customer-specific lighting solutions. The Luminaires & Solutions reporting segment also includes the service and solutions business, alongside luminaires.

The Luminaires & Solutions reporting segment recorded a significant loss in the first nine months of fiscal year 2013 on the back of declining revenue. Osram had already announced at the end of September that it would restructure the service business for traditional lighting maintenance in North America.


OSRAM of Munich, Germany is one of the two leading light manufacturers in the world. The company's portfolio covers the entire value chain from components – including lamps, opto semiconductors like light-emitting diodes (LED) – to electronic control gears as well as complete luminaires, light management systems and lighting solutions. OSRAM has around 39,000 employees worldwide and generated revenue of 5.4 billion Euros in fiscal year 2012 (ended September 30, 2012). More than 70 percent of its revenue comes from energy-efficient products. The company's business activities have been focusing on light – and hence on quality of life – for over 100 years. Additional information can be found in the internet at www.osram-group.com


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