Osram brings app-based light styling to cars with LEDambient


For the first time the LEDambient Connect family opens up app control for LED styling

Osram has added the LEDambient Connect family to its portfolio of innovative car lights. The three newcomers to the stylish world of interior and exterior automotive lighting, LEDambient Tuning Lights Connect, LEDambient Pulse Connect* and LEDambient Hybrid Connect*, can be easily configured with the free LEDambient Connect app. Countless light colors, modes and other products in the same series can be selected directly on a smartphone using Bluetooth. What’s more, the LEDambient Connect family has a special feature that enables the lights to pulsate in time to your music, creating an unmistakable look for your car.

Over the past few years there has been a significant change in the function of lights on vehicles. Apart from illuminating the road with the headlights, great importance is now being attached to individualization and design. With its new LEDambient Connect family Osram is once again supporting personal needs with individual light styling in cars. After owners install the user-friendly LEDambient Connect app they can configure such things as light colors, sequences and brightness quickly and easily on a smartphone. The app can also be used to synchronize a playlist on up to ten LEDambient Connect products – the light will then pulsate to the beat of the music. The lighting mood is then perfectly matched to the playlist or individual songs. Depending on the music currently playing the light will pulsate calmly or quickly. The app is compatible with the iOS and Android operating systems and is available as a free download from the App Store from Apple and Google Play Store. To use the app the smartphone must be running at least Android version 4.3 of or iOS version 7.0.

LEDambient Tuning Lights Connect: customized ambiance for car interiors

LEDambient Tuning Lights Connect makes car interiors come to life. There are five different modes: Flash, Strobe, Fade, Smooth and Solid. Dimmable RGB LEDs with a huge range of color options and different brightness levels bathe the inside of a car in the right light and create the right mood – whether you’re on the way to your next party or an important meeting. The dimmable LED strips have a life of up to 5,000 hours and a length of 30 centimeters. You can cut the LED strips to the required length at predefined locations. To avoid unsightly marks during installation the LEDambient Tuning Lights Connect are supplied with adhesive strips so they can be attached anywhere in the car, for example on the central console, in the footwells or on the roof liner. The LEDs take their power from the cigarette lighter socket via a 12 V adapter which is included in the kit. Osram offers a two-year guarantee on the app-controlled LEDambient Tuning Lights Connect.

LEDambient Pulse Connect*: light to the beat of the music

LEDambient Pulse Connect* can be fitted on either the inside or outside of a car. As in the case of the entire LEDambient Connect series, the RGB LEDs here can pulsate to the beat of the music. This user-friendly LED product in trendy Chrome look is easy to install and is powered directly from the battery. The necessary control module is fitted in the engine compartment and held in place with screws or cable ties. You are free to choose the location inside the car for the self-adhesive LEDs – wherever you want the accent light to fall. Outside the car, they are attached to the surface of the headlights. LEDambient Pulse Connect* blends almost invisibly in the headlight unit without affecting the distribution of light.

LEDambient Hybrid Connect* combines LED and halogen lamp

With the LEDambient Hybrid Connect* developers at Osram have succeeded in creating a special headlight lamp. It is a combination of a color-changing LED and a powerful halogen lamp with up to 4,200 kelvin and up to 20 percent greater brightness. The multifunctional LEDambient Hybrid Connect* adds color to the headlights from within. The headlight lamp is simply screwed in the existing holder and the control module supplied is installed in the engine compartment. All three types provide light in various colors and five different modes (Flash, Strobe, Fade, Smooth, and Solid). LEDambient Hybrid Connect* can also be configured via the Osram app.

You can find more information on the LEDambient-Connect family here.

*OFF-ROAD only when used in an exterior application. These products do not have ECE approval. This means that they cannot be fitted in exterior lights if the vehicle is to be used on public roads. Do not use the app while driving.

LEDambient Connect Series

LEDambient Connect App

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