Osram presents new LED inspection lamps for repair work on your car


The new LEDinspect range comprises practical LED lights for private individuals to carry out inspections and repairs on their cars

Pocket 160, Flashlight 15, Slimline 250, Professional 150, Headlamp 300: The extended LEDinspect range comprises five new powerful LED work lights for home workshops and garages. “We have extended the LEDinspect series to include powerful and versatile LED lights for home use. They are ideal for people wishing to carry out repairs and inspections on their own cars,” said Petra Maya Wilhelm, Product and Portfolio Manager LED Accessories at Osram, about the intended market for the new LEDinspect product family.

The right light for any project

For general maintenance and minor repairs on your car the LED work lights in the LEDinspect range from Osram are ideal additions to your toolbox. Magnets and swivel hooks provide excellent flexibility for positioning these compact LED lights, all of which are battery powered so there are no trailing cables. With their different designs and features the LEDinspect lights are perfectly matched to the requirements of maintenance and repair work, delivering the right light for a wide range of tasks in home workshops and garages. All the inspection lights in the LEDinspect series come with a two-year guarantee.

Out of the dark and into the light: Pocket 160

With its compact, dirt-repellent design and five high-power LEDs the Pocket 160 is perfect for car maintenance and repairs in the garage at home. Thanks to the integrated belt clip this practical light with its output of 160 lumen (lm) is always at hand and can be placed exactly where it is needed on the vehicle using either its strong magnets in the holder or its fold-out stand. This leaves both hands free, making the Pocket 160 with its rechargeable battery that provides light for up to eight hours a reliable helper for lengthy maintenance and repair work.

Vehicle inspection made easy: Flashlight 15

The new Flashlight 15 from the LEDinspect range is also suitable for working in and on your car. This compact flashlight is equipped with an extremely long-life LED that provides a precise and reliable beam of light with an output of 15 lumen (lm) and a color temperature of 6,500 kelvin (K). The user-friendly design of this LED light extends to the battery which can be easily recharged via the 12 V lighter socket in only two hours.

Flexible and robust: Slimline 250

A special feature of the new ultra-thin Slimline 250 is the amount of light it produces. 15 LEDs with 250 lumen (lm) and a color temperature of 6,500 kelvin (K) provide optimum conditions for vehicle maintenance and repair work. The robust non-slip surface makes the Slimline 250 easy to hold and use. There are also some useful extras, notably the magnets on the back so it can be placed almost anywhere on a car, and the display on the front where two different colors indicate the status of the powerful rechargeable battery.

A professional view of the engine compartment: Professional 150

The Professional 150 has a holder that can rotate through 360 degrees, making it ideal for inspecting the engine compartment. A strong magnet at the back and an integrated clip provide extra flexibility, leaving hands free for work on the car. With six powerful LEDs and a flashlight function the Professional 150 provides impressive illumination. 150 lumen (lm) and an operating time of up to five hours in normal mode and up to eight hours in 70 lumen (lm) flashlight mode make the Professional 150 a good choice for work that needs excellent visibility. The battery can be recharged via USB for added convenience. With its practical base station for easy storage this compact LED light will provide long service in home workshops.

For even greater flexibility: Headlamp 300

With up to 300 lumen (lm) and a color temperature of 7,500 kelvin (K) the Headlamp 300 from the new LEDinspect series is ideal for tasks where you need both hands free. The LED light can rotate through 75 degrees for precise positioning of the light beam. It is attached to an adjustable head band. Together with the adjustable focus, these features offer maximum flexibility for illuminating the appropriate areas on a car. The battery powered LED light has two manually adjustable brightness levels and an operating time of two to ten hours depending on the output. It also has a warning light function on the back for extra safety while working on the car.

You can find more information on the LEDinspect family here.


LEDinspect Pocket 160

LEDinspect Flashlight 15

LEDinspect Professional 150

LEDinspect Headlamp 300


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