Osram has added an LED Information Base to its customer service


Screenshot LED Information Base

Online tool from Osram Opto Semiconductors provides LED characteristics for downloading

Osram puts an end to checking and copying down values from LED data sheets. In future, customers can download technical characteristics directly. The LED Information Base (LIB) online portal includes the complete portfolio of LEDs in the visible wavelength range.

LED Information Base is an online tool for selecting LEDs for applications in the automotive, industry, consumer and general illumination sectors. Users can very easily find suitable components and then obtain the specifications in digital form that they will need for their design projects. "Our database currently contains hundreds of product versions. It is being constantly updated and expanded", said Martin Moritz, in charge of the project at Osram Opto Semiconductors.

All the technical information in one portal

Up to now, technical product information for LEDs has been compiled in data sheets, mostly in pdf format. Product developers have had to make a note of the values and enter them in their own design tools. Characteristics such as changes in parameters as a function of temperature are presented in the data sheets as graphs from which the relevant values have to be worked out. In the LED Information Base, however, you simply have to select the appropriate LED, click on the data you need and receive the raw data as an Excel file for downloading. The data available includes current-dependent and temperature-dependent characteristics, emission characteristics and typical emission spectrums.

Simple access

With its LED Information Base, Osram Opto Semiconductors is targeting the product developers of its customers. They now have access to all the information they need for their work, conveniently located at a single web address – clearly presented, right up to date and easy to download. All that is needed for password protected access is online registration with name, company and email address.
You can find the LED Information Base at https://apps.osram-os.com/.


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