Take the stage: Blue high-power laser from Osram provides breathtaking moments at events

The PLPT9_450LA_E expands the Munich-based high-tech company’s laser portfolio for lighting applications

Rock and pop shows today are about much more than music. The entertainment factor, including numerous show elements, is becoming more and more important in concerts in big stadiums and event halls across the world. State-of-the-art stage lighting plays an essential role in these shows. Numerous manufacturers rely on lighting solutions from Osram to create memorable experiences. A new blue high-power laser is now expanding the range of options available to manufacturers of show lasers and stage spotlights.

The PLPT9_450LA_E from Osram Opto Semiconductors is a multimode laser diode that is mounted in a hermetically-sealed TO metal can package. Lasers combine an outstanding form factor with excellent beam quality – making them particularly suitable light sources for show lasers and stage lighting.

In terms of brightness, laser diodes offer some advantages over LEDs. At a typical operating current of 2 A, the PLPT9_450LA_E achieves an optical power of 3.0 watts and emits blue light with a wavelength of 447 nm. In a typical optical system, the laser light is focused at a point only a few micrometers in diameter. The laser can be directly used as a blue light source or in combination with a special phosphor for white conversion. The achieved luminance of the white light source is around three times higher than that of a comparable LED.

The PLPT9_450LA_E comes in the proven, robust TO90 package. Compared to the first TO56 generation that included three pins, the new TO90 package contains only two pins for contact. Thanks to the simpler cooling, the generated heat can be easily dissipated from the component. In addition, the integration of the laser into the final lighting solution is much less complicated. 

"The PLPT9_450LA_E completes our broad portfolio of InGaN lasers with a 3-Watt version. Thanks to the easier cooling, an application range up to 85° C and an operating voltage of less than 5 V, we are able to offer our customers particularly small and lightweight designs of high-quality lighting solutions for show lasers, endoscopy, professional laser torches and other numerous applications," explains Christoph Walter, Product Manager for Visualization & Lasers at Osram Opto Semiconductors.




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