Most Universal Forward Lighting LED - OSLON® Compact PL

2022/10/21 - 2023/12/31


The OSLON® Compact PL family comprises single as well as multichip configurations for low/high beam application with best in class luminance performance and different solder pad designs.

Join our on-demand webinar about our forward lighting LED - OSLON® Compact PL

You are looking for highest performance in luminance value? You want to address daytime running light, standard low and high beam and adaptive driving beam functions with just one LED concept? Then we have something for you: The OSLON® Compact PL - Most Universal Forward Lighting LED

Why attend this webinar?
  • Learn about our new OSLON® Compact PL family, its features and benefits
  • Find out which applications it's suitable for and how it can be used
  • Discover our latest chip technology for high brightness and homogeneous light emitting area

Philipp Puchinger, Marketing Manager for automotive exterior at ams OSRAM


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