ams AS1170 2-channel LED and VCSEL driver IC



The AS1170 is a 2-channel LED/VCSEL driver with integrated boost converter. It can support up to 5.5V output voltage and each channel can support 1000mA output current. Currents can be combined to a total of 2000mA and adjusted using 31.25kHz PWM operation. AS1170 features integrated protection functions against overtemperature, over- or under voltage and open of shorted LED pins. The device has an I2C interface with 2 adresses, selectable via an I2C select pin. The 13 balls WLCSP makes this chip a good fit wherever high output currents and a tiny footprint are needed.



  • High efficiency 4 MHz fixed frequency DCDC boost converter
  • Independent channel control
  • High output current
  • Channels can be combined for single output
  • Integrated protection functions
  • Automatic current adjustment for low battery voltage
  • 13 balls WLCSP 2.25 mm x 1.5 mm x 0.6 mm


  • Very compact/small 1µH inductor due to fast switching frequency
  • Can drive 2 channels independently with up to 1000mA each or 2000mA combined
  • Integrated circuit protection
  • Automatic battery lifetime extension
  • Tiny footprint and BOM for applications with space constraints

Ordering codes

Product Type Description Order No. Availability
AS1170-ZWLT WLCSP T&R (10000pcs per reel) Q65113A7128
AS1170-ZWLM WLCSP T&R (500pcs per reel) Q65113A7129



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