ams TARA2000-AUT - Automotive Flood Illuminator

Product features

The TARA2000-AUT is designed for the new generation of 2D and 3D optical in-cabin sensing applications, where a high power illumination and high signal-to-noise ratio is needed under all circumstances. VCSEL based illumination enables maximum image quality with minimum PCB footprint, and combined with a narrow spectral bandwidth ensures robustness against sunlight and sunglass reflections inside the car. The ultra-compact module is designed and manufactured with ams‘ state-of-the-art opto-electronics component manufacturing processes and is AECQ-102 and ISO26262 compliant, a first in its class.
TARA2000-AUT can be used both for 2D NIR-imaging and for 3D sensing systems such as time-of-flight and stereo vision. Different wavelength options offer flexibility to customers using different optical systems, and multiple FOI options make sure there is a good fit for each application such as driver monitoring, interior monitoring, or gesture sensing.