OSRAM Chip LED, SFH 2701

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OSRAM Smart DIL, SFH 2400

OSRAM Smart DIL, SFH 2400

Silicon PIN Photodiode
OSRAM Chip LED, SFH 2700 A01

OSRAM Chip LED, SFH 2700 A01

Silicone PIN Photodiode
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SFH 2701

Datasheet / 736.4 KB

Application note

Customer complaint management — Details on return shipments for failure analysis request (FAR)

General Information / 1.7 MB

Dry pack information

General Information / 1.2 MB

Manual lead-free soldering of LEDs

Processing and Handling / 1.9 MB

Measuring of the temperature profile during the reflow solder process

Processing and Handling / 1.2 MB

PCB technologies for LED applications

Processing and Handling / 3.1 MB

Processing of SMD LEDs

Processing and Handling / 4.5 MB

Recommended pick-and-place tools for LEDs

Processing and Handling / 6.0 MB

Determination of resistances for brightness compensation

Driving of LEDs / 873.5 KB

Optical simulation

Optical Simulation

Optical simulation

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CAD files

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SFH 2701 IP = ≥ 0.9 µA, (IP=1.2 µA typ.) (Ee=0.5 mW/cm²) Q65110A2960



Calculate the effectiveness of an LED based on a selected light guide by showing the amount of incoupled, reflected and missed light rays.