DURIS® S 8 - High power for modern life

DURIS® S 8 for lighting applications

DURIS® S 8 for lighting applications

DURIS® S 8 family is known as CHIP ARRAY SMD (CAS) among the illumination portfolio. The multichip family is a revolutionary compact high power LED with high luminous flux, high forward voltage and high color consistency. It provides totally new opportunities for indoor and outdoor door lighting especially directional retrofit applications.



  • Footprint: 5 mm × 5 mm
  • Various luminous flux packages from one package family
  • Small light emitting surface improves optical behavior in directional lighting
  • Low thermal resistance to enable high operating power
  • Optimized driver efficiency and costs due to higher voltage option
  • Full range of color temperatures: 2,700 K – 6,500 K (white)
  • Test results according to IESNA LM-80 available


  • DURIS® S 8 is part of the revolutionary ams OSRAM’ Chip ARRAY SMD (CAS) product family.
  • This multi-chip device family brings the well-known advantages of mid-power SMT package technology into the high luminous flux performance of devices.
  • It allows completely new designs in the area high bays, floodlights, street lighting and other exterior lighting applications through high luminous flux clusters and improved outdoor robustness.